My name is Hayden. Brock is a nickname I’ve affectionately adopted from a nametag I used to wear at an old job. The story is this: I worked at a relatively large casino in Reno. The wardrobe department couldn’t actually verify what everyone’s name was when they got a new nametag because there were just too many employees (also they didn’t speak ANY English) so in order to make things as efficient as possible they just handed us a piece of paper and said “Write what you want on the nametag” (so I guess some of them spoke English, sure. Crucify me. Fuck.). Naturally, I hate strangers knowing my name and I LOVE VIDEOGAMES. So I wrote on their paper. This is the nametag that happened:


Pictured: My chest

Naturally, everyone I worked with started calling me Brock because they didn’t know what else to call me. It just kinda stuck, except with my closest friends who already knew me as Hayden. I became my favorite Pokemon character. It was like a dream come true, except that I had to have a minimum wage low-hours job for it.

So life went on. I play a lot of video games. Always have. I want to get into the biz as they call it (they meaning almost certainly no one). I am fascinated by game design. I only have the knowledge that comes along with playing lots of video games, but still. I like to look at game mechanics and set pieces, the story and the characters, and the overall presentation and feel of the game and see how all of those individual elements affect the experience as a whole. I also like dick jokes and curse words.

Dante's Inferno but the dialouge consists entirely of sexual innuendo.

A video game with a story that is entirely dick jokes and curse words? I MUST review this one!

Basically this blog is about video games. I’m going to review games that I think are good examples that should be helping to shape the direction that video games are taken in. Video games can be pretty much anything. When you are creating an experience, there are a lot of things it can be. Bad seems to be a pretty common choice, but I digress. I want to look at the individual elements and decisions that make up a game, as well as what the game is as a whole (and I’m not talking about assigning genres. That’s just the easy way out for this shit.). And I shall make lots of dick jokes and use many curse words along the way. Also, consider this your warning: I will get off topic and probably talk about anime, alcohol, driving (although never all three at once, because as we all know, you should never anime and drive!), and other off-topic-styled material. So let’s get started, shall we? Why don’t you have a seat right over there?


Oh, and since I mentioned it, one thing I must say about driving:

Fuck driving.


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