Monthly Archives: August 2013

Some bullshit.

So I played Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn today. It was pretty neat, except for the fact that there’s a universal ban on making new characters on NA/EU servers. Thanks, Squeenix!

However, I decided to play on a Japanese server, since there’s no rule that says I have to stick with my kind. I just wanted to play the game. Play with friends will come with time, I told myself.

I discovered a shocking truth upon entrance to the world: no one there understood English. What a brainbuster. But I also learned something else.

Have you ever known a person who will give themselves a Japanese handle for an online game or a social networking service? I have. And I often wondered if any of these people know what their names mean. Much like when you see someone with a tattoo in a foreign language and think “that probably says something stupid like ‘trail mix.'” Well, Americans and other English speakers aren’t the only ones guilty of it.

I’m pretty sure none of these people know what their names mean.


That’s deep.


I had to double take. I thought his name was “Loud Cock” for a second.


She looks like a “Cheese.”


Okay, no fucking way. This has to be a joke.

Anyways, back to my usual bullshit.


So while I’m sitting here finishing up my Persona 3 review, I realized that there’s not a whole lot of negative things I have to say about this game. It reminded me of a comment I made on some guy’s blog like a year ago (which was two years too late, unfortunately). He wasn’t enjoying the game, to put it mildly. Some people in the comments section were also developing negative opinions because they were having difficulty with the game. Everything that has ever been written on the internet matters, as everyone knows, so I decided to write a somewhat lengthy comment in an attempt to give them some honest advice, but how I feel about the game came through more than I intended.

Anyways, I found that comment, and it’s being re-used, because joining the Navy made most of my thoughts into a greatest hits record, highlighting the first 22 years of my life, because I miss it. And so I don’t have origional thoughts anymore.

But, I wanted to say, as a preface I guess, that this game isn’t for everyone. It can be pretty polarizing. Some people end up hating it, like this guy.

The blog is called “The First Hour” because the guy posts reviews of games after playing them for only an hour. I won’t tell you how that makes me feel. One hour of Persona 3 isn’t long enough to know what the game’s all about. It’s a lengthy game and takes a while to gain momentum. Here’s a link to the review.

You can still find it near the bottom. The comment is titled “An honest attempt to be polite…” if you want to swim through the sea of text to find it.