I figure it’s time for some directionless yammering, don’t you?

This sure looks awesome. I wish it were related.

So, I have been playing a lot of different video games lately. This isn’t a major development. I’ve been playing video games for a very long time. I’ve just been playing a large variety of games. I don’t usually play this many different games, and I’ve also been spending more time each day playing games. It doesn’t feel like I should be doing that. It might be starting to verge on obsessive behavior.

I do remember reading somewhere that people tend to play more video games when they’re depressed, seeing them as

an escape from reality. I have been kind of unsure about the direction my life has been going in lately, and that can be upsetting. But I don’t think I’m depressed. I haven’t had to suffer much, but when I have I still thought that life was too awesome to waste any of it being depressed. To amend a saying people seem to like throwing around: I’ll get depressed when I’m dead. I think that’s a good time for it. If you’re going to be depressed about anything it should be that you aren’t alive anymore, right?

Life is pretty awesome. I have a plan for the future. I haven’t put it into action yet. I believe I’ve already mentioned that I’m a horrible self motivator. Well, fuck. I’m not getting any younger. I have some phone calls to make later today.

I’ve been playing the Uncharted series of games. So far they have been fantastic. I’m working on Uncharted 3 at the moment. I’ll review those games after Mass Effect. I have to. They are pretty fantastic. I don’t think that video games should try to be movies, but in Uncharted’s case, it doesn’t hurt. The games are so cinematic. The action is over-the-top and yet immersive. And the characters are real people (not literally.). Especially Tenzin. I love that bastard.

That beautiful bastard.

Anyways, I’m still working on a final draft of the Mass Effect review. Then comes the comparison/review of ME2. Then the Uncharted Trilogy. Looks like I’ve got a good start planned out. I’ll probably attempt to tackle some of the Metal Gear Solid games after that. I hope you like it (if anyone is reading anymore). Goodnight. šŸ˜‰


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