So here I am, 2:22 on a Friday afternoon. On the internet. Whoops!

Anyways, I am a very large fan of video games and anime. That’s what I’m going to be talking about primarily. Just thought you should know. I like to look at video games and think about specific mechanics and set pieces and take that shit apart to see what makes it appealing, or what makes it fucking garbage, or how it could have been improved, or, maybe sometimes, how the developers narrowly avoided a catastrophe by making one decision that seemed almost trivial but could have ruined the experience entirely in the long run. I like stuff like that. Intelligent words not just about if a game is good or not, but WHY. Because I am a video game elitist. And by that, I mean I played Dog’s Life on the PS2.

Masterpiece painted with shit

Yes, this is the pee-marking minigame. No, I don't really have any standards...

By the way, I’ll probably tell you (my imaginary audience) about that game someday. Let me give you some quick highlights. You play a dog, as you may have guessed by the game’s title. So based on what we already know about the title’s relationship to gameplay, you might assume that the dog you control is also alive. That is also true. Although you will wish you aren’t if you play this game. I will talk more about this game in the near future.  And boy, will you get an eyefull.

So yeah. Once I start learning how to make this blog not an enormous eyesore, then expect some serious stuff. Or don’t. I am an awful self-motivator. But at least the blog will be appealing for your eyes. So you can see all the beautiful colors that compose this page. Maybe, someday, in full 3-D! Until then, I have some work to do.


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